Industries Manufacturing in Mexico with TACNA

Manufacturing in Mexico Under NAFTA

TACNA helps companies from diverse industries set up and manufacture in Mexico. If your work stream is labor dependent or labor intensive, you want to save significant cost and you like the idea of off-shoring with close proximity to the US, Mexico may be right for you. Our core competencies are 1-Attracting and retaining the right talent, 2-The regulatory process of establishing and maintaining operations, 3-Import and Export regulations on both sides of the border, 4-Taxation of all types, 5-Health and safety and environmental compliance.

Our current and former clients operate in a wide variety of industries:

•    Medical Products
•    Aerospace
•    Jacuzzi spas
•    Upholstered furniture for mass markets
•    Consumer goods
•    Cosmetics
•    Industrial hose
•    Magnetic resonance imaging systems
•    Fireplace logs
•    Power distribution units
•    Consumer batteries
•    Sporting goods
•    Sewing operations
•    Parachute manufacturing
•    Carpet samples
•    Skate boards
•    Surf Boards
•    Paint rollers
•    Electronic components
•    Cabinetry
•    Pizza ovens
•    Printing and publishing
•    Building products
•    Pistol grips
•    Pregnancy testers
•    Artificial fingernails
•    Camouflage suits
•    Aircraft valve assemblies
•    Automotive and truck parts
•    Telephone cabling assemblies
•    Plastic injection molding
•    Steel fabrication
•    Large industrial medical transformers
•    Sand paper manufacturing
•    PCB boards
•    Battery packs
•    Automotive Readers
•    Dot matrix printer ribbons
•    Concrete statuary

You will note that the industries mentioned are highly diverse. Our company motto is “You do what you do best, we manage the rest.” The functions we perform are relevant to all of the above listed industries. The commonality among them is a labor intensive process.

The fact that we handle these complex functions in a highly regulated environment allows our clients to focus on improving production processes, building quality into their products and completing on time delivery of orders taken.

Should you want to join the ranks of those succeeding in Mexico, learn more about the advantages of manufacturing in Mexico by going to Why Manufacture in Mexico or call us at 619.661.1261