Move Manufacturing to Mexico

move-manufacturing-to-Mexico-consultation TACNA provides professional Mexico focused consultation services to non-Mexican companies who are exploring the feasibility of moving manufacturing to Mexico, often as a Maquiladora or Immex. Our top two U.S. and Mexican based professionals alone have more than 50 years of experience in business consulting and doing business in Mexico. This experience allows you a flawless quick startup. Whether you are seeking to establish a startup or move a legacy manufacturing enterprise to Mexico, we can help.

Our Mexico Business Consultation Approach

Each consultation engagement is custom fit to your needs. We sit down together in a planning session to agree on the engagement scope and agree to a fee that fits your budget. We often do our work in phases. This phased approach allows you to control your costs and budget your expenditures as you evaluate the opportunity. There is never a commitment beyond the agreed fee.

Outcome Goals from our Mexico consultation services:

•    Create a significant knowledge transfer to you and your organization •    Arm you with the facts •    Assist you in determining feasibility •    Lower your risks through our knowledge and experience •    Take away the unknowns •    Give you the confidence to make the right decision •    Help you communicate the facts to other decision makers, as necessary.

Menu of Services:

  • Front end feasibility study of moving manufacturing operations to Mexico tailored to your specifics – Financial modeling – Cost benefit analysis – Other analysis specific to your needs – Determining which operations to move
  • Visits to operating Maquiladora operations to see firsthand how it works and to have a discussion with onsite managers.
  •  Visit to your facility to consider the implications of a move
  •  Targeting of economic incentives from local and national governments
  •  Permits required – Understanding what licenses and permits are required – Obtaining required licenses and permits
  • Consultation on Mexican environmental regulation – Waste stream creation and evaluation – Handling and control – Laws and regulations
  • Site location analysis and advice – Determining the right geography – Build vs. buy analysis – Visits to available buildings – Review of local infrastructure – Power and other utility considerations
  • Mexico Human Resources Consultation – Understanding the skill base of the labor pool – Sourcing English speaking managers – Sourcing mid-level managers and laborers – Laws and regulations – Customs and cultural issues – Establishing relationships with technical schools to source talent – Training the workforce quickly
  • Human resource issues-existing operations – Communicating the change-How and when – Dealing with local press coverage – Helping long-term employees transition – Retaining key talent in the transition
  • Planning the supply chain for material flow
  • Sourcing in Mexico as appropriate
  • Evaluation of logistics – Transportation availability and cost – Transit time analysis – Managing customer orders in the transition – Building and maintaining the right safety stock
  • Mexican import and immigration analysis – Tariffs and duties – Sectorial permits – Product classification – Rules of origin – Necessary work visas
  • U.S. Customs and Immigration analysis and advice – Marking implications – Tariffs and duties – Product classification – Import and export regulations – Transit of employees to U.S. for training
  • Identification and selection of U.S. and Mexican broker
  • Mexico taxation issues – Value added taxes – Asset tax – Income based tax – Tax on statutory profits – Employer taxes and fees
  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Implications
  • Introductions to Government and other professionals

Types of companies who have successfully established operations in Mexico

  • Labor intensive manufactures
  • Call centers
  • Packaging operations
  • Fulfillment centers

Client Profile

We have served clients of all sizes from global 1000 companies to owner managed businesses move manufacturing to Mexico’s low cost region. Our most common client profile is medium sized business looking to move between 50 to a 1,000 manufacturing positions to Mexico. However, we are equipped to assist companies of all sizes.

Our Team

We have a team of over 80 people in the U.S. and Mexico working full time helping companies succeed in Mexico. Our top two professionals alone have more than 50 years of experience consulting with companies and helping them in Mexico and elsewhere in the world. We are well connected in Mexico and the U.S. with the proper government agencies and others to move manufacturing operations expeditiously within the law. Our core competencies are in: o    Business planning o    Feasibility studies o    Customs and import/export including NAFTA o    Logistics o    Environmental o    Site location o    Human resources

Our Fee Structure

Our fees are dependent upon the service offering utilized. We typically sit down with you on the front end and jointly develop a project timeline and objectives, then agree to a fee based upon those objectives. We attempt to work within your budget to provide you a maximum of value for the fees paid. Some clients choose to use our longer term administrative services or our shelter services. In such cases credits can be arranged for a portion of the initial fees paid. For more information about us, see About TACNA.

Contact Us

For a no cost initial confidential discussion, contact us at (619)-661-1261 or e-mail us at