Mexico Contract Manufacturing

Save Cost with Mexico’s Contract or Sub-contract Manufacturing

Mexico contract Manufacturing or sub-contract manufacturing is often a solution for companies wanting to enjoy the benefits of Mexico’s highly qualified, yet lower cost labor, but which companies are not yet ready to make a commitment to operate a Mexican maquiladora directly. We perform contract manufacturing, contract packaging, contract fabrication and contract assembly in our ISO certified Mexican facilities. Customers who we team with are typically looking for predictable, somewhat consistent runs of a particular product over a longer period of time. This allows for staffing up with the right trained workforce to consistently produce a quality product meeting your specifications, with on time delivery.


Benefits of Using a Mexican Contract Manufacturer

•    Enjoy benefits of lower labor costs
•    Avoid costly workers compensation and medical costs increases in the U.S.
•    Eliminate need to hire hourly workers directly
•    No costly hiring and training of supervision
•    Unnecessary to understand complex import and export regulations
•    Quick start up, as we have many permits in place
•    Test manufacturing in Mexico without the cost of a full commitment to your own maquila or IMEX
•    Ability to transfer skilled trained workers, if you start up your own operation
•    Reduce manufacturing risks, which are assumed by the manufacturer

Mexico Contract Manufacturing vs. Shelter (Maquiladora) Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing is best suited for companies in the early stage growth phase of the business life cycle, with demand for a developed product, but without infrastructure to handle order flow. The contract model allows these companies the ability to ramp up production and reduce costs to meet customer demand with a much lower capital commitment when compared with the setup of a full scale manufacturing facility in Mexico. Companies that utilize contract manufacturing are not responsible for producing the end product, but instead deploy TACNA to source an outside manufacturer with the required capabilities to quote and produce the product.

Mexico Shelter (Maquiladora) Manufacturing is best suited for companies in the late stage growth and maturity phases of the business life cycle. These companies have existing, established manufacturing facilities and are looking to lower costs by relocating all or part of their operations and equipment to a facility in Mexico. Shelter (maquiladora) manufacturing offers the largest possible savings by reducing labor costs by as much as 75%. Companies that utilize shelter (maquiladora) manufacturing are responsible for producing products in their Mexico facility while TACNA handles administrative, HR, and legal processes.

Contract Manufacturing vs Shelter Maquiladora Manufacturing differences

Contract Manufacturing Experience Makes a Difference

Benefit from TACNA’s time-tested contract manufacturing, contract assembly, contract fabrication and contract packaging experience. Our experience allows you to get out of the blocks with no false starts. As shown below, TACNA’s experience in contract manufacturing in Mexico is broad based. See the selected product and industry sectors in which TACNA has years of contract manufacturing experience:

    • Aircraft skin fasters
    • Automotive and truck rubber hoses
    • Automotive assemblies
    • Bagging services
    • Band aids
    • Cable assemblies
    • Color matching and sub-contract painting
    • Consumer packaged batteries
    • Contract assembly
    • Contract packaging
    • Cosmetic applicators
    • Dental office supplies
    • Electrical connectors
    • Electronic assemblies
    • Electronic box builds
    • Fishing lures
    • Health and Beauty Products
    • Hydrographic Printing
    • Kitting
    • Long and short runs
        • Medical Device
        • Medical Device
        • Medical products
        • Metal component painting
        • Military
        • Pizza ovens
        • Plastic vacuum forming
        • Power distribution units for IBM
        • Silicone hoses
        • Specialty apparel
        • Sports equipment
        • Telecommunications assemblies
        • Thermal Forming
        • Toys
        • Transformers and other magnetic components
        • Water transfer printing
        • Wind chimes
        • Winding
        • Wiring harnesses

      Beyond the above direct experience, TACNA has relationships with companies that can help with machining, CNC work, plastic injection molding and sewing, to name a few. We are capable of turn-key manufacturing for many products.

      Get immediate cost reductions while maintaining your quality standards. The easiest way to “test the waters” in Mexico’s manufacturing arena without significant capital outlays is through TACNA’s contract Manufacturing program. We can help you with your contract manufacturing, packaging or assembly needs.

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