Mexico Shelter Services

The term shelter services can be thought of as protection for your company from the complexities and regulatory burdens of doing business in Mexico. This allows you to focus on operations within the four walls of the factory, rather than having to have a detailed understanding of laws and regulations.

Do What You Do Best–Manufacturing–We Manage the Rest

Our Mexico Shelter Service Model

Our respective client and service provider roles when manufacturing in Mexico as a Maquiladora are described below.

TACNA Mexico manufacturing services

What you provide:

•    Equipment, raw materials and supervision
•    Training in your processes
•    Working capital

What TACNA Provides (partial list)

Using our more than 28 years of experience in helping companies succeed in Mexico we provide and assist you in accomplishing the following.

Pre Move:

•    Prepare Cost analysis
•    Complete Logistics Analysis
•    Plan move
•    Assist planning the move announcement
•    Arrange visits to Operating factories
•    Complete US and Mexican customs considerations
•    Select or build a building and negotiate lease
•    Facilitate building infrastructure construction
•    Form legal entity
•    Complete pre move permitting
•    Evaluate harmonized tariff code classifications of raw materials and finished goods

Health and Safety and Environmental:

•    Obtain and maintain necessary operational permits including municipal, state and federal agencies.
•    Monitor facility waste stream generation, handling and compliance
•    Arrange recycling of scrap were possible
•    Monitor compliance with worker safety program
•    Arrange and coordinate environmental impact studies

Human Resource and Payroll:

•    Recruit managerial and technical personnel
•    Source qualified direct labor pool
•    Develop appropriate market based compensation strategies
•    Handle any labor disputes
•    Work with union representatives
•    Prepare and seek approval with the labor board of company HR policies
•    Prepare and distribute weekly payroll
•    Facilitate immigration and visa requirements for U.S. nationals visiting or working in the factory
•    Arrange on site doctor visits, as required
•    Help you manage cultural and other barriers

Freight and Logistics:

•    Consolidate freight in U.S. warehouse
•    Accumulate all packing lists in the U.S. for import invoice preparation
•    Provide packing lists to import export specialists for preparation of invoices
•    Coordinate Southbound freight inspection by Mexican broker in US warehouse
•    Dispatch freight carriers North and Southbound across border
•    Coordinate U.S. distribution as a freight forwarder from U.S. Warehouse


•    Coordinate/prepare U.S. customs documentation for crossing
•    Coordinate/prepare Mexican customs documents for crossing
•    Assist in evaluating U.S. marking requirements for your products
•    Minimize duties through sectorial and other programs
•    Maintain import and export inventory records for regulatory purposes


•    Maintenance of all accounting records in Mexico
•    Prepare annual cost submission reports for the U.S. Government
•    Provide you detailed invoices for approval by your plant manager before billing
•    Monthly and annual tax compliance reporting


•    Order miscellaneous supply items in Mexico and assist in sourcing vendors
•    Monitoring and keeping you informed of changes in regulations as they arise
•    Manage facilities and infrastructure
•    Visit your operations frequently to determine and satisfy your needs

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