Client Testimonials

The value of TACNA’s services from the words of our clients


Our company, Hogue Inc. moved the core of its manufacturing operations to Mexico with the assistance of TACNA in 2005 and this move has proven to be one of the best business decisions we have made. Our success in Mexico would not have been possible without the assistance of TACNA. Initially their expertise allowed us to obtain special permits necessary to manufacture our firearm products and over the years have worked closely with the Mexican government to maintain these sensitive permits.

The move to Mexico is coming full circle for us as the profitability has allowed us to reinvest in our business, capture more market share and develop new products. This has created the need for skilled marketing, product development and design jobs in our U.S. location. Because of this we are currently expanding into new building space on both sides of the border to accommodate this growth.

TACNA’s business model allows us to focus on what we do best, manufacture products. TACNA’s expertise takes care of the regulatory burdens of operating in a foreign country along with the import and export process. They are experts in what they do and their services are indispensable.

As for the work force in Mexico we have been successful in attracting and retaining outstanding factory management and stable factory level workers. The work ethic in Mexico is refreshing; employees in general appreciate employment and do an excellent job. I believe any business can assemble a work force in Mexico equal to or better than anywhere else in the world. Further, our Mexico facility produces a product that equals or exceeds the quality that was ever possible in our U.S. facility.

We have been pleased with our relationship with TACNA and highly recommend them to any company considering a move to Mexico.


Aaron Hogue


“Calex Mfg. Co., Inc. based out of Concord California has been working with TACNA for over ten years. Calex manufactures approximately 20,000 to 30,000 DC/DC converters per month ranging from 0.25 to 400 Watts. Through TACNA’s shelter services, Calex has been able to establish a “seamless” production operation in Mexico which currently produces approximately 70% of our output. Partnering with TACNA we have been able to achieve the following:

•    Significantly lower production costs
•    Excellent first pass and final test yields
•    “Seamless” flow of raw material and finished goods between Mexico and California
•    Minimal administrative support cost in Mexico

Calex operates in a highly competitive environment. By maintaining an operation in Mexico we are able to avoid the pitfalls of moving production to Asia, yet are able to remain cost competitive with offshore DC/DC manufacturers. Being located in California, it is logistically much easier and more cost effective to support our operation in Mexico. Calex Concord employees can easily fly to our Tijuana facility and complete their tasks in a day. Communication is facilitated by being in the same time zone with a minimal cultural gap. In general, the move to Mexico through TACNA has been very successful and we continue to expand our operation in Tijuana. For more information on Calex, see”

Paul Cuff
Calex Mfg. Co., Inc.


We entered into a three year contract beginning in June 2002 with TACNA after interviewing other comparable organizations. During the three years we worked with TACNA we went from start up to approximately 180 employees. After three years we determined that our current and future business required bringing the services provided by TACNA in house.

TACNA provided the expertise needed to assist us in learning the requirements of doing business in Mexico. They were an experienced organization that allowed us to make entry into Mexico in a faster and more efficient manner.

For example they provided assistance with obtaining unique health department permits in Mexico City, product marking waivers, lease negotiations and sourcing leasehold improvement needs specific to our business. TACNA also provided transportation requirements for refrigerated freight movements.

TACNA allowed us to make an accelerated entry into Mexico and assisted us in the transition to our own in house operation.

Allen Garrett
Chief Financial Officer
Scantibodies Laboratory, Inc.


Over the past 11 years, we have used TACNA’s services to support our operation in Mexico and are very pleased with their performance. When we first started doing business in Mexico, we were using another shelter service provider and we had some very unpleasant experiences with some of their associates. That service provider ended up costing our company a substantial amount of money and lost production time. After severing ties with that service provider, we became partners with TACNA and have found the TACNA organization to be supportive, honest and willing to do whatever it takes to support our business. The TACNA team maintains a high level of integrity and commitment and working with them makes it enjoyable to do business in Mexico.

In 2001, we moved our entire operation from California to Mexico. This experience showed the commitment and dedication of the TACNA organization. This transition involved moving a 45,000 square foot operation from the U.S. to a facility in Mexico. TACNA played a significant role in the successful transition of this operation. All the necessary permits and licenses were handled by TACNA and the production lines were operating ahead of schedule.

TACNA continues to be supportive and handles all the transportation of finished goods and raw material in and out of Mexico. The transportation is usually completed the same day. This support is critical to running our business and TACNA’s team is very sensitive to our needs and keeps us well informed of progress and issues.

From time to time, we have evaluated bringing the activities performed by TACNA in house. Since TACNA’s services are so seamless and their team is so supportive, TACNA continues to be the most cost effective solution. We look forward to a long partnership with TACNA in the future.

Sal Valencia
Plant Manager
Danaher Motion


In 2006 we moved a manufacturing line from California to Mexico with another Shelter provider.  We were informed in 2008 that our Shelter provider was to cease business.  After extensive research of a handful of new providers that included interviews with the principals, visits to the offices and meeting their personnel on both sides of the border, along with visiting several clients for each, we chose TACNA Services.

Our choice proved to be very beneficial.  We found that with the services provided we were able to prove the Mexico facility could improve costs. With the level of competence and professionalism in addition the their expertise , TACNA gave us the confidence in 2010 to move all our production lines from our California and Mexico facilities to one 65,000 square foot building in Mexico.
TACNA was very helpful in finding our building, negotiating a lease, setting up the required permits, and providing a smooth import-export procedure.  The actual movement of equipment and materials through the border went very well.  But most importantly they helped in providing a stable work force that included skilled welders, technical people, and a local network of service providers.

We are very happy with our Mexico manufacturing facility and the help and support provided by TACNA Services.  Our costs have diminished while our product quality has improved.

Fred Galloway   
Operations Manager
Pertronix Inc.