TACNA U.S. Cross-Docking and Logistics

Beyond the savings of operating with lower labor costs in Mexico, TACNA helps its clients save substantial costs through the combination of its U.S. cross-docking and logistics process.  See the graphic outline of our process at the bottom of this page.


Package Consolidation

TACNA provides its clients with access to its 18,000 square foot U.S. cross-docking facility for southbound consolidation of packages. This means that you can ship raw materials or equipment into TACNA’s warehouse by full trailer load, LTL, Parcel or U.S. Postal Service. You determine the frequency of shipment into Mexico. Do you ship once per week, twice per week or daily? This saves you storage, handling, freight forwarding and brokerage costs. There is little or no incremental charge for this service by TACNA. It is included in our fee.

Inbound Inspection/Quantity Verification

TACNA provides receiving inspection, captures and scans information concerning received parcels by clients by day.

Import Export Document Preparation

Packing lists are provided to TACNA’s import export team for preparation of invoices before presentation to U.S and Mexican Customs officials.

Northbound Shipments


North Bound Savings

Many of TACNA’s clients choose to use its freight forwarding service whereby UPS shipments, LTL shipments or full trailer loads coming from Mexico properly labeled for the ultimate carrier are dispatched to the proper carrier and loaded on that carrier’s truck at TACNA’s dock in San Diego. There is generally little or no charge for this service.

On Site Mexican Broker Inspection

Our Mexican broker partners with us by placing five of their people on site in our warehouse. These people compare the physical goods to what is declared on the Mexican import invoice to ensure accuracy of description, harmonized tariff code and quantity before the truck is loaded. Once loaded, the truck is sealed. The presence of the Mexican broker on site saves time and provides an added level of assurance that the product crossing an international border is properly declared. This avoids delays and potential short term and long term fines and penalties. We also buy brokerage services in bulk allowing our clients to take advantage of the economies of scale from the bulk purchase of these services.

Shared Freight Costs

When TACNA can consolidate more than one client shipment into a truck, it does so. This allows TACNA to charge a half, rather than a full freight charge, thus saving the client significant freight costs. TACNA owns and operates four bob tail trucks allowing clients more flexibility and options in terms of movements.

Southbound Shipments


Consolidated Freight Purchasing Power

On average, TACNA facilitates 1,600 to 1,800 border crossings each month. This allows TACNA’s clients to benefit from the economies of scale from the bulk purchasing power of all our clients. TACNA is able to secure very competitive shipping rates given its volume of purchases.

Should you care to join others saving money by manufacturing in Mexico, let’s talk. Call us at 619-661-1261