Establish Mexico Manufacturing, with TACNA


Why Use TACNA?

TACNA opens doors for U.S. and other foreign companies in Mexico allowing them to move manufacturing, assembly and processing to a Mexico maquiladora. This process can be accomplished with little more difficulty than would be required to launch a new plant back home. Our Maquiladora management services and shelter program allow you a quick, seamless start up.

TACNA has been helping companies establish Mexico manufacturing factory operations as maquiladoras since 1983. We handle the non-core administrative and regulatory tasks associated with manufacturing in Mexico, allowing you to focus your full attention on manufacturing. Our highly experienced team of international professionals can get you up and running is as little as six to eight weeks. You don’t even need to establish legal entity in Mexico. This structure allows you to avoid tax and legal risks you and your company would otherwise be exposed to. You save significant startup costs and valuable time. You avoid the pitfalls and false starts. In short, we call this “Mexico without hassle”

We help you ensure Mexico’s maquiladora industry is a fit for your manufacturing operations before you move by inviting you to visit our operation, preparing a pro-forma cost analysis and hosting you on visits to various Mexican maquiladoras where you gain an appreciation for the Maquila industry.

Whether yours is a large established company or a startup-we can help. We have helped companies large and small in industries from high tech to medical products on the high end–to simple assembly and packaging on the low end.

Compelling Reasons–Why TACNA?

  • Avoid need to learn through trial and error how to do business in Mexico’s maquiladora industry by using TACNA’s seasoned experts
  • We are Mexico manufacturers ourselves and know what you are going through
  • Insulate yourself from liabilities in a foreign country
  • We literally “shelter” you from the many time consuming obstacles, risks and delays usually encountered when establishing a Mexican Maquiladora.
  • Our experienced staff functions as the administrative arm for your Mexican factory.
  • We bridge the cultural gap known as “the border”
  • Avoid getting bogged down in regulation through our knowledge, experience and government agency relationships. We know the regulations-so you don’t have to.
  • Avoid false starts with our broad array of expertise.
  • Regular visits by our operational managers to assist you, particularly during start up.
  • We are your advocate in Mexico
  • We eliminate your need for deep understanding of Mexican law and import or export regulations
  • We figuratively eliminate the border and its inherent complexities

After start up, we continue to provide you operational support, guidance and administration for your Mexico factory and its manager. Our services include: Human resources, Finance, statutory accounting, U.S. and Mexican customs, payroll, trucking, U.S. and Mexican Brokerage interface, U.S. temporary warehousing and much more. See Testimonials.

TACNA’s “Cost Plus” Shelter Program allows our clients total control and flexibility with the lowest possible cost exposure and/or Maquila liability. All Mexican operational expenses approved by the client are paid and passed through to the client. There are minimal initial fees, assessments, and deposits required during the start-up process. Our services are provided daily. For our complete Shelter Service Package, clients pay a modest fee per Mexican paid labor hour.

Manufacturing Locations

Our Shelter Services are being offered throughout the Mexican State of Baja California in the cities of Tijuana, Tecate, Mexicali, Ensenada and others. Located in Northwestern Mexico, Baja California is the primary Maquiladora industry center in Mexico, with the highest concentration of Maquiladora factory operations and has complete infrastructure. Baja California has a population of nearly three million people, 75% of whom are under the age of 35. The available labor force of approximately 800,000 is composed of third generation Maquiladora factory workers with the highest index of education in all of Mexico.

The benefits and cost savings of manufacturing or assembling your product in Mexico under our Shelter or Mexico Maquiladora Program have been tested and proven over the years, but seeing is believing. We invite you and your associates to visit our operations and get a comprehensive overview of our services and depth of our administrative staff. Come tour some of our factories in Mexico operating under our time-tested program. Only with this on-site exposure can you totally appreciate the viability of the Maquiladora industry for your company and the ever present Manufacturing Cost Savings it generates. Maintain a competitive edge in increasingly price sensitive industries.

Please see our FAQ, for answers to questions others have asked or contact us at 619-661-1261