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TACNA is a manufacturer of products for its own account in Mexico. Because we are manufacturers ourselves, we understand and anticipate your daily challenges.

Custom Products

Schott Magnetics

Schott Magnetics, a division of TACNA International Corporation, is an ISO certified global manufacturer of custom and standard magnetic components including transformers, inductors, chokes, filters and coils. These magnetic components are produced in the U.S., Mexico and China for ultimate use in electronic and other equipment globally. Schott Magnetics serves the commercial, semiconductor, aerospace, audio, telecommunication, instrumentation, military and medical markets. Schott has more than 70 years of experience making magnetic components.

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Thermal Flex Products

Thermal Flex

Thermal Flex, a division of TACNA International Corporation, is a Mexico based manufacturer of premium silicone hoses and ducting for industrial, heavy truck, equipment, commercial, OEM, automotive aftermarket, marine, aerospace and food grade applications. Thermal Flex has been producing silicone hose since 1999. Products include straight hose, sleeves, elbows, couplers, reducers, transitions, hump hoses, charge air cooler hoses, radiator hoses, heater hoses, vacuum tubing and custom shapes and sizes. Hoses are available with heat shielding and reinforcement with polyester, nomex or wire in multiple plies.

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