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Our clients’ success is our success and we pride ourselves in delivering solutions and results. Below are case studies of some of the many success stories of our clients.

Machine Learning

  • Client needed a fast startup of operations in a highly secure, controlled environment
  • Required confidentiality of data, network and open communication with team leadership
  • Created flexible solution in TACNA facility that allowed client to prove concept with 5 people
  • Implemented security policy, employee NDA, and controlled access to protect data
  • Client grew to 800 person operation divided in two shifts over 2 years, plans for future growth
  • TACNA earned strong reputation for security, confidentiality and quality with client

Plastic Injection Molding

  • Started in Mexico in customer’s facility, discovered customer’s administrative costs excessive
  • Large infrastructure investment required client stay in customer facility, but needed to separate from customer’s administrative support service due to cost
  • Subdivided customer’s lease and transferred all equipment and inventory into shelter program
  • Helped client reduce turnover by restructuring benefit package and recruited additional staff
  • Dramatically lowered overhead structure, allowing the client the confidence to grow in Mexico
  • Took over customer’s facility, acquired lease next door and doubled manufacturing footprint

Cosmetic Packaging

  • High logistics and inventory cost due to manufacturing between factories in China and US
  • High labor cost in US factory and increasing labor costs in Chinese factory
  • US tariff on finished goods and raw materials imported from China to US
  • Leased 30k sq. ft. with initial test case packaging operation using 50 employees
  • Sourced plant manager with FDA experience to manage GMPs in Mexico
  • After 3 years, expanded to 200k sq. ft. and 500 employees, transferring lines from China
  • Avoided impact of US-China tariffs by importing raw materials to Mexico duty free and NAFTA qualifying finished products

Fiberglass Manufacturer

  • PE Firm acquired company, seeking dramatic cost reductions, competitor in Mexico
  • Dramatic seasonal peak demand, styrene permitting, staged facility growth needed
  • Divided into three phased transition over the course of two years to transition all processes
  • Designed labor contracts for seasonal business and a phased leased expansion to 240K sq. ft.
  • Moved all US manufacturing to Mexico over 3 years, exceeding cost saving projections
  • Acquired three competitors, folding in with minimal additional overhead cost structure

Sporting Goods Assembly

  • Manufacturing facility in Vietnam caused long lead-time and low annual inventory turns
  • Warehouse in Southern California and high-cost lease, needed to move buildings to lower costs
  • Moved Southern California warehouse to Mexico and 25% of manufacturing from Vietnam
  • Imported semi-finished goods for assembly, sourced other components in Mexico
  • Within 3 years of starting in Mexico, doubled footprint, moving all manufacturing to Mexico
  • Doubled market share due to reduced lead-time, without increasing manufacturing cost

Molded Sporting Goods

  • Shrinking local labor pool, increasing health, workers comp, and wages
  • Manufacture highly regulated products in Mexico
  • Proof of concept with 30 employees, increased to over 250 in multiple product lines in 2 years
  • Obtained military permit to manufacture the regulated parts in Mexico
  • Tripled revenue over a 10 year period and increased global market share
  • Expanded from 1 building to 4 facilities in Mexico with dramatic US expansion

Furniture Manufacturer

  • Labor intensive product, decreasing labor pool, increasing health, workers comp, and wages
  • Expensive duties on incoming Chinese components and fabrics
  • Cost prohibitive to grow manufacturing operations in United States
  • Proof of concept with 50 employees, increased to over 1,000, passed social compliance audits
  • Imported Chinese components in-bond from China, qualified product for duty-free export
  • Revenue growth of over 1,000% since startup in Mexico, over a 10 year period
  • Exporting 500 over containers of finished goods per month with multiple plants in Mexico

Consumer Products Company

  • Chinese competitive product created downward pressures on customer pricing
  • Increasing regulation required duplicate facilities in US for incompatible adhesives
  • Increase in California wages & medical mandate would put company out of business in 2 years
  • Family was seeking an exit because there was no family successor
  • Locked in a 10 year low cost lease, flawless transition by cross training employees in US & MX
  • Consolidated all manufacturing, QC, retail packaging, and customer service to Mexico
  • Increased bottom line 4x over a two year period following move to Mexico
  • Following year three after move, sold company to strategic buyer at high EBITDA multiple
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