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At TACNA, we are more than consultants. We are hands-on in the analysis, feasibility and implementation of strategies for planning and relocation of operations to Mexico.

TACNA has no conflicts of interests with landlords, real estate brokers or contractors. We do not accept commissions from these parties, so that we are not conflicted in selecting the best location for each client’s unique situation.


Feasibility and Modeling

At the onset of exploratory conversations, our goals is to determine one thing – Is Mexico right for your business? Through proprietary modeling, data gathering, and on-site visits to clients’ existing operations, we evaluate feasibility. During this process we conduct a review of the manufacturing process, documented work instructions, bills of material, ERP/MRP systems, duty/tariff implications, logistics, and financial viability. If both the client and TACNA are confident that Mexico is a “fit”, we collectively proceed to the next step.

Mexico Warehouse

Site Selection

When selecting potential sites for operations we begin by searching the target market for all available buildings that meet the client’s general requirements and screen the sites based on a variety of factors. Factors include the labor market, freight routes and accessibility, proximity to international border, client requirements vs building specifications, utility requirements, etc. With our client, we tour all screened sites and rank each based on fit. Once rank is determined, we then proceed to negotiate a lease with the landlord using our proprietary techniques. We have a good reputation with and lease from all major landlords in the market.

Project Management

Once the site selection process has concluded, our project managers work with our client to create a comprehensive Gantt chart. The Gantt chart details all applicable steps associated with establishing a new operation in Mexico. Typical transitions take approximately 8 to 12 weeks from the time a building is selected to when the first finished part is shipped from the factory. During the transition regular follow up is scheduled to monitor status and progress to ensure a successful startup. We have helped many companies transition and startup operations in Mexico since 1983.

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