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Manufacturing in Baja California, Mexico

Baja California Mexico has distinct advantages over other border region locations. The state has a young, skilled workforce with an average age of 23. The 51 Universities and technical schools include an active student population of over 90,000 with 22,000 of those majoring in engineering disciplines. The Mediterranean climate shared with it’s sister city, San Diego, ensures temperate weather year-round. Close proximity to California provides companies located in Baja a strategic advantage with same-day shipping access to the 5th largest world economy, saving in both time and cost of logistics. All of the these items and more make Baja California Mexico an ideal location to establish manufacturing operations.

TACNA is helping companies quickly realize benefits by establishing Mexican manufacturing operations within eight to twelve weeks.

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Cost Savings

For US manufacturers or manufacturers with US target markets, the most significant advantage of doing business in Mexico is increased profit from lower labor cost. Entry level direct employees are paid a fully burdened starting wage of approximately three dollar per hour. In contrast, many US companies incur a fully burdened wage in excess of $20 per hour.

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Mexicali Roads for Mexico Shipment


Baja California Mexico enjoys a robust infrastructure including a state-of-the-art energy grid, modern industrial parks, 6 high capacity US-Mexico border crossings, modern expressways and toll roads, a international seaport and two international airports. All of these items and more make Baja an attractive industrial manufacturing location.

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Mexico Security


There is a huge commitment to addressing the real and perceived issues of security in Mexico. Given negative press with respect to Mexico security, one of the top questions on the minds of prospective clients is, “Can I be safe while traveling and doing business in Mexico? The short answer is, yes.

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assembly components in maquiladora plants


Labor is the biggest savings with many companies saving 75% or more of their U.S. cost of labor for similar positions. Technical labor is available and supported in Baja California with 51 universities and trade schools producing 90,455 undergraduates and 20,609 engineering graduates annually. Many residents in Baja California are conversationally fluent in the English language, as a result of their proximity to the the United States.

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IMMEX Program

The IMMEX Program is a benefit that foreign manufacturers can apply for, which allows the temporary importation of materials that are used in an industrial process or service. Manufacturers in Mexico under the IMMEX program produce, transform, repair or package foreign goods imported temporarily for subsequent export, without the need for payment of import tax, countervailing duties and value added tax, if certified.

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