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Companies are increasingly looking for lower cost geographies for more skilled, technical resources such as call centers, accounting, architectural design, software development and machine learning. Mexico’s close proximity to the US and operating in the same timezone is an advantage in coordinating with and visiting operations. Baja California, Mexico has a distinct advantage in language, as many speak English with fluency. Baja has 51 universities and technical schools and more than 90,000 undergraduates.

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Over the years, TACNA has established and supported companies performing architectural design, programming, call centers, accounting, and machine learning. Operation sizes range from 50 to 1,000 employees. TACNA allows our clients to focus on running their office operations while we focus on administrating your business in Mexico. We assist with feasibility, site selection, office fit out, recruiting, payroll, on-site human resources, accounting, health & safety, and legal compliance.

architectural designing services

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