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Since 1983, TACNA has provided a full-service model to simplify the process of relocating and operating in Mexico. We are experts in outsourced business administration of medium to large scale operations in Mexico. Clients include the fortune 100, private equity backed enterprises, and private companies from all industries. We have relocated or established more than 100 operations to Mexico from around the world.

Under the shelter services model, we support clients before, during and after the transition to Mexico in areas of site selection, project management, human resource, recruiting, payroll, environmental compliance, import/export, logistics, statutory accounting, legal compliance, and government relations. As a corporate shelter service provider we currently serve more than 65 companies in Baja California, Mexico with more than 12,000 employees.

TACNA Shelter Service Model Mexico

Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Services

The term shelter can be thought of as protection for your company from the complexities and regulatory burdens of doing business in Mexico. This allows you to focus on operations within the walls of the factory, without having a detailed understanding of laws and regulations in Mexico. Clients focus on their core operation, while TACNA handles business administration in Mexico. Under the shelter model, relocation or start up a new operation in Mexico can happen in as few as 12 weeks at a lower cost. The shelter model allows companies to forego establishing as a foreign subsidiary, by instead setting up a maquiladora program to quickly begin operating in the country under TACNA’s legal presence in Mexico.

Our shelter services are comprised of the areas listed below. Select each icon to learn more of how TACNA handles business administration in Mexico for clients.

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