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Mexico contract Manufacturing or sub-contract manufacturing is often a solution for companies seeking the benefits of operating in Mexico, but are not yet ready to open a facility in Mexico. As TACNA we perform contract electro-mechanical manufacturing and assembly in our ISO certified Mexican facilities. We also actively place business within our manufacturing network. Ideal customers for this service have medium to high volume of stable, proven products. We do not typically incubate products or manufacture for startup companies unless they meet the criteria stated above.


Mexico Contract Manufacturer Benefits

  • Benefit from lower labor costs
  • No hiring and training direct employees
  • No hiring and training of supervision
  • No need to understand complex import and export regulations
  • Fast start-up of manufacturing
  • Test manufacturing in Mexico without a full commitment
  • Risks are assumed by the contract manufacturer

TACNA Mexico Shelter Value Proposition

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    Mexico Contract Manufacturing vs. Shelter Manufacturing

    Contract Manufacturing is best suited for early stage and growth stage companies of the business life cycle. These companies have demand for a developed product, but lack the infrastructure to satisfy increasing order flow. The contract manufacturing model allows these companies the ability to ramp up production and reduce costs to meet customer demand, with a much lower capital commitment when compared with the setup of a full scale manufacturing facility in Mexico. Companies that utilize contract manufacturing are not responsible for producing the end product, but instead leverage TACNA to source a contract manufacturer with the required capabilities to quote and produce the product.

    Mexico Shelter Manufacturing is best suited for late stage and mature companies in the business life cycle. These companies have existing, established manufacturing facilities and are seeking to lower costs by relocating or establishing operations in Mexico. Companies contract TACNA to assist them before, during and after the transition to Mexico with outsourced business administration. Shelter manufacturing offers the largest possible savings by reducing labor costs by as much as 70%. Companies that utilize shelter manufacturing are responsible for overseeing all production activities in their Mexico facility while TACNA handles administrative processes.

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