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TACNA Mexico Office

TACNA Talent

Our talent is our most important asset. At TACNA we foster an environment of creative thought, continuous improvement, lean techniques and technology that allow our team to deliver value to our clients. Our team of more than 260 professionals has a broad array of specialty experience in Mexico in the areas of project management, import/export, logistics, taxation, banking, health and safety, environmental, legal, human resources, recruiting and payroll. In our many years of administrating business in Mexico, there are very few issues we haven’t already seen and solved.

President & Chief Executive Officer

Ross Baldwin

Ross has more than 40 years’ experience in professional service, including 18 years of Mexico manufacturing and shelter services experience. Preceding his career at TACNA, Ross was with Arthur Andersen for 22 years, where he was a consulting, and audit partner. He served on the senior management committee responsible for operations of 7 Western states and more than 2,500 professionals. Ross has traveled to 25 foreign countries and 49 of the 50 United States consulting with companies. Ross holds a B.A. in Accounting from Weber State University.

VP of Operations

Derrick Baldwin

Derrick has more than 12 years’ experience in consulting and professional service in domestic and foreign markets. Derrick joined TACNA in 2013 and has served as VP of Operations over shelter, manufacturing and technology operations since 2016. Derrick has overseen the transition of 30+ companies to Mexico. Prior to TACNA, Derrick worked at Accenture Ltd. as a consultant in the Houston, Texas office and Oracle Corporation in Redwood Shores, CA. Derrick is fluent in Spanish and holds a B.S. in Business Management from Brigham Young University.

Director and Legal Representative

Oswaldo Diaz

Ossie has more than 30 years’ experience in the Maquiladora industry. He has has held the position of plant manager five times, responsible for relocating the operations to Mexico in each case across various industries such as medical, aerospace, electronics, automotive and sporting goods. Ossie has developed strong working relationships with important government officials in various agencies at the agency, city, state and federal level. Ossie holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana.

Director of Operations and Continuous Improvement

Susana de La Torre

Susana has more than 47 years’ experience in the Shelter and Maquiladora industry. Over her career, she has held positions in human resources, operations, import/export, industrial park management, plant management, and lean coach. She has personally been involved in the start-up and management of more than 40 companies in Mexico. She holds a B.S. in Physics and Mathematics from the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico and a M.S. in Systems Administration from Universidad Iberoamericana. Susana is a certified Black Belt in Lean-Six Sigma.

TACNA border
TACNA Mexico Operations Team


In an effort to simplify Mexico manufacturing, the operations liaison is the initial point of contact for the client to communicate needs or resolve issues through regular on-site visits and constant communication. TACNA’s project managers in this department are responsible for the project planning and coordination of each new startup and expansion within Mexico.

TACNA Mexico Human Resources Team

Human Resources

Human resources is at the core of what we do. Talent is our most valuable asset. We go to great lengths to assist clients in understanding the cultural norms of Mexico, the labor market and how to best motivate employees. Whether on-site or in our office, our experienced human resources team assists clients in creating a harmonious work environment where collaboration and employee satisfaction can thrive.

TACNA Mexico Recruiting Team


Our recruiting team is divided into two distinct areas, direct recruiting and indirect recruiting. Our direct recruiters have many years of experience helping our clients attract the right talent for their operations through grassroots efforts and social media. Our indirect recruiting team has extensive experience recruiting all positions ranging from plant managers to floor technicians for all of our clients.

TACNA Mexico Import Export Team


TACNA takes the lead in complying with complex regulations of US and Mexican customs. Commercial crossing invoices are prepared by TACNA import/export coordinators based on data inputs from the client. Coordinators schedule freight with CTPAT certified carriers to ensure that goods arrive on time to their final destination. Crossing the border requires the simultaneous coordination of regulatory elements in both the US and Mexico.

TACNA Mexico Inventory Control Team

Inventory Control

The inventory control department manages Mexican required regulatory reporting of inventory balances for IMMEX companies with Mexican customs. TACNA monitors the details of daily, monthly and annual compliance allowing clients to focus on their operations. Coordinators review and tag assets on-site for tracking and control purposes. Clients retain title to inventory and fixed assets exported to Mexico.

TACNA Mexico Accounting Team


Accounting in Mexico is more complex from a regulatory perspective than in other countries of the world. From mandated electronic invoices to validating supplier tax compliance, government standardized charts of accounts, and tracking of Value Added Tax reimbursements; there are many unique requirements. We simplify these complexities and manage the details of accounting in Mexico. TACNA can advise clients on hedging strategies to minimize foreign currency exposure.

TACNA Mexico EHS Team

Environmental Health and Safety

Similar to highly developed countries in the world, Mexico has complex regulatory rules in the areas of environmental compliance, health of its people, and safety in the workplace. It is important for companies to understand and comply with the country’s regulations. TACNA will only work with responsible companies that have an attitude of compliance in environmental, health and safety. Our team of experts take the lead in obtaining required permits, operating licenses, performing workplace environment studies and conducting workplace safety training.

TACNA Mexico Compliance Team


Compliance is at the core of what we do. Mexico is at least as regulatory complex as developed nations, if not more so. Our objective is to administer our clients’ business in Mexico ethically in conformity with laws and regulations. We operate behind the scenes to minimize the legal and regulatory complexities of Mexico for our clients. We maintain positive personal relationships with top levels of government at agency, city, state and federal levels.

TACNA Mexico Cross Dock

US Cross-Dock

TACNA provides its clients access to its U.S. cross-docking facility for southbound consolidation of packages and northbound freight forwarding of finished goods. Clients can ship raw materials or equipment to TACNA’s warehouse by full trailer, LTL, or parcel. Clients determine the frequency of consolidation to Mexico, controlling the timing of exports through TACNA’s warehouse portal. Whether shipping multiple loads daily or only once per week, our service saves clients in storage, handling, freight forwarding and brokerage fees.

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