Helping Companies Establish and Run Border Region Mexico Manufacturing Maquiladoras since 1983 Helping Companies Manufacture<br>over $600,000,000 of Products<br>Annually in Mexico’s Low Cost<br>Maquiladora Market We facilitate 2,000 to 2,500<br>border crossings per month Advice for Frustrated Executives Trying to Compete in an Environment of<br>Spiraling Labor, Medical and Work Compensation Costs We lease over 2.1 million<br>manufacturing sq. ft. in Mexico

Mexico Manufacturing Simplified


TACNA Services Inc. is a professional shelter services organization, helping companies set up and manufacture as Maquiladoras in Mexico's low cost labor market. We have assisted companies in establishing and running border region Mexico manufacturing maquiladoras and contract manufacturing facilities since 1983. We lease more than 2.1 million square feet in 30 client operations and cross 2,500 loads of freight across the border monthly. We are the experts, helping companies like yours establish and operate Mexican Maquiladora or offshore Mexico manufacturing enterprises both quickly and efficiently.

Our model is simple--you bring the equipment and supervision; we hire the workers, rent the factory and handle the administrative and legal aspects of manufacturing in Mexico. This model allows your company to enjoy the benefits of low cost labor with close proximity to the United States. Contemplate the financial benefits your company could realize with a Mexico manufacturing startup in as little as 6 to 8 weeks from today.

Please review our website to educate yourself regarding the benefits of doing business and manufacturing in Mexico, or call us for a direct confidential conversation at 619-661-1261. Refer to Why Manufacture in Mexico for more details.

TACNA Helps Companies Manufacture Over $600,000,000 of Products Annually in Mexico's
Low Labor Cost Maquiladora Market


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Tacna Profile Shelter service provider since 1983

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US Logistics/Warehouse Consolidating client freight to save costs

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Executive Team More than 50 Years of experience

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Our Sister Companies We understand you, we are also manufacturers

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