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Baja California Mexico enjoys a robust infrastructure including a state-of-the-art energy grid, modern industrial parks, 6 high capacity US-Mexico border crossings, modern expressways and toll roads, an international seaport and two international airports. All of these items and more make Baja an attractive industrial manufacturing location.


Energy Grid and Water Availability

Electricity is an abundant resource in Baja California with 2,341 Mega Watts of power generation, representing 4.6% of Mexico’s total power generation. The energy gird in Baja California Mexico is reliable and stable. Unlike in many developing countries Baja California does not experience frequent power outages or rolling blackouts. When power outages do occur, they are typically localized and minutes of duration. In the last five years TACNA and our clients have experienced fewer than two outages per year, each lasting a matter of minutes during times of inclement weather.

Tijuana Cultural Center

Baja California Mexico is actively investing in solar, geothermal, and wind generation. These investments include the second largest geothermal plant in the world in Mexicali and 10 Mega Watts of wind generation in the Rumerosa wind park.

Water in Baja, including water for industrial use, is available. The Colorado River is a primary source of water for the region. Baja is investing in desalination plants that provide additional availability with 4 m3/sec capacity in Rosarito, 2 m3/sec in Ensenada and 300 lt3/sec in San Quintin.


Industrial Warehouse

Border Crossings

Baja California Mexico benefits from 6 US-Mexico border crossings of which 3 are for inbound/outbound industrial cargo. These commercial ports of entry process as many as 2,500 cargo containers per day. Wait times at the commercial crossings average less than three hours.

Trusted traveler programs exist for both commercial and passenger travel. CTPAT and its Mexican equivalent NECC allow for expedited crossing and processing for commercial freight including extended hours on weekends and holidays. Wait times for CTPAT and NECC companies average less than one hour. There are three passenger options for northbound passenger border crossing; Standard Lane, Ready Lane, and Sentri/Global Entry Lane. Wait times in the standard lane range from 1 to 4 hours, while wait times in the Ready Lane range from 1 to 2 hours and wait times in the Sentri/Global Entry Lane are less than 30 minutes. TACNA can assist in helping you qualify for any of these programs.

Industrial Parks

There are over 100 industrial parks or zones in Baja California Mexico. These parks are typically of tilt up construction, six inch reinfirced concrete floors, insulated sheet metal roofs, and a combination of dock high and grade level doors. Buildings range from Class A to Class B and are similar to building styles and quality found in US industrial parks. Many industrial parks are owned by sophisticated industrial landlords, which in many cases are US and Mexican REITs.

Roads and Highways

Baja California Mexico has invested heavily in concrete expressways and tollways. These roads allow for accelerated movement of traffic and cargo ensuring your goods reach their destination in a timely manner. Such expressways connect major cities to all US-Mexico border crossings.


As the border region has developed, the local supplier base as become increasingly robust. Many suppliers from the US and other parts of the world have established operations in Baja California in order support maquiadora customers. Examples of suppliers include corrugated and retail boxes, injection molding, cutting tools, tooling, metal stamping, die casting, plating, coatings, chemicals, expanded foams, die-cutting and MRO supplies.


Baja California has direct access to 3 major seaports. The port of Ensenada is the closest Mexican seaport of Asia, operated by the Hutchinson Group. Destinations from Ensenada include Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, South America, among others. In addition to Ensenada, the ports of Long Beach, CA and San Diego, CA are located 3 hours and 30 minutes, respectively, from Baja California Mexico.

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