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Local and federal governments are committed to addressing the real and perceived issues of security in Mexico. Given negative press with respect to Mexico security, one of the top questions on the minds of prospective clients is, “Can I be safe while traveling and doing business in Mexico?” The short answer is, yes.

Periodic inspections of inbound passenger vehicles into Mexico stem the flow of illegal arms. Both Mexican federal police and military perform random checks of vehicles and freight coming into Mexico. Security check points are setup randomly in Mexican border cities. This show of force within the borders of Mexico reinforces the government’s dedicated efforts to curtail drug cartel related violence within the region.

Some key facts and figures are shown below that put this issue more in perspective:

Mexico vs US Crime Statistics


None of our clients have encountered issues with violence in Mexico. Publicized events in Mexico are concentrated among warring drug gangs in turf battles for various trade corridors. These issues occur in drug infested neighborhoods, rather than in the industrial business parks or main travel corridors of Baja California. Many large US cities have higher per capital crime rates than those experienced in Baja California. Groups such as US Labor Unions, among others, have a vested interest in heightening the image of Mexico as being unsafe and dangerous. From our experience and that of our clients, within Baja California, the issues seem to be more sensationalized than reality.

Mexico Security

Best Practices

While traveling in Mexico, we advise our clients to exercise caution as you would in certain areas of any major international city. Recognize each time you cross the border that you are in a foreign country and be more cautious. Avoid predictable patterns, expensive cars or carrying large amounts of currency. Generally a modest, respectful approach in Mexico is best. TACNA executives and client executives routinely and comfortably travel in all major areas of Baja California without issue.

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