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Human resources is at the core of what we do, talent is our most valuable asset. We go to great lengths to assist clients in understanding the cultural norms of Mexico, the labor market and how to best motivate employee. Whether on-site or in our office, our experienced human resources team assists clients in creating a harmonious work environment where collaboration and employee satisfaction can thrive.

Recruiting Direct/Indirect

Finding talent is fundamental to what we do. Our team is divided into two distinct areas, direct recruiting and indirect recruiting.

Our large team of direct recruiters has many years of experience helping our clients attract the right talent for their operations. Through grassroots efforts and social media we source hundreds of candidates for our clients on a monthly basis. The size and agility of our team allows us to respond quickly to both expansion and peak-season needs. Candidates are pre-screened by TACNA recruiting personnel based on established criteria and selected by client Mexico management with the assistance of TACNA’s on-site HR personnel.

Our indirect recruiting team uses social media, online sources and TACNA’s extensive database of candidates to screen candidates based on specific sets of requirements. As part of the screening process we use background checks, screening interviews, reference checks and personality tests to hone in on candidates that meet the criteria for each position and fit culturally within each organization. We have extensive experience in recruiting positions ranging from plant managers to floor technicians.

Payroll and Personnel Administration

Through a coordinated effort between bio-metric time clocks, in-plant HR, and floor supervisors, TACNA processes employee payroll on a weekly basis. We have established robust procedures to ensure that employees are paid on time and in full. All payroll is processed through a a system complaint with Mexican law with established privacy procedures and replicated data backup. Payroll is processed by TACNA’s in-plant personnel, verified at TACNA’s central offices and approved by the client’s Mexico management.

TACNA assumes a key role in administrating the ins and outs of daily face to face employee relations, together with the client’s management in Mexico. Detailed historical employee files are kept in each client’s plant and managed by TACNA’s in-plant personnel. Employee files include employee evaluations, promotions, discipline, vacations, etc. To maintain the health of employees, TACNA coordinates access to a doctor’s or nurse’s assistance to provide checkups or medical treatment.

Salary & Benefits

TACNA takes the lead in advising clients regarding compensation at every level of talent within an operation. We keep a pulse of the labor market and have years of expertise in designing attractive compensation methodologies for indirect and direct staff. Regular market studies are provided to clients in order to stay competitive in Mexico’s dynamic labor environment. TACNA regularly conducts engagement surveys to create a direct line of communication between the client’s Mexico management and employees.

Employee Retention & Events

Turnover is costly to operations. In an effort to retain personnel, TACNA works with each client’s Mexico management to develop an annual budget and planning for employee events, programs and celebrations. With authorization, TACNA’s in-plant personnel plan and execute events and programs with the goal of increasing employee retention. Our goals for every employee is to instill in them a sense of belonging to the client’s organization through actively planned events and programs that promote the company’s values.

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