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The process of crossing an international border is regulatory complex. For clients, TACNA navigates Mexico and US compliance and complexity while ensuring goods cross the border efficiently. As part of this process we coordinate inbound and outbound freight at the request of each client. Typical commercial border crossing wait times depending on time of day are between two to four hours. We manage Mexican required regulatory reporting of inventory balances for IMMEX companies with Mexican customs. We monitor the details of daily, monthly and annual compliance to allowing clients to focus on their operations. Clients retain title to inventory and fixed assets exported to Mexico.

Import Export Mexico Team

Import/Export Processing

TACNA takes the lead in complying with complex regulations of US and Mexican customs that are applicable when crossing inventory and equipment over the international border. The commercial crossing invoice is prepared by TACNA import/export coordinators based on the data inputs from the client. Crossing the border requires the simultaneous coordination of elements including; US and Mexican commercial invoice, goods declaration, identification of the freight company, plate of the trailer, name of the driver, as well as tracking of the shipment in transit. Southbound goods, destined for Mexico, are inspected for accuracy of declaration in our US cross dock warehouse.

Mexico Warehouse

Selling Goods in the Mexican Market

IMMEX companies are only allowed to sell to other IMMEX companies in Mexico with a documented transfer of the items sold for purposes of tracking the import/export inventory. This documentation is called an virtual transfer. If an IMMEX company sells directly within Mexico on a commercial basis, it risks losing its favorable tax status as an IMMEX and its VAT certification. Most IMMEX companies that sell commercially in Mexico return the product to the US, allowing their Mexican customers to import the commercial goods back to Mexico. Mexico has favorable trade treaties with 46 nations. TACNA can work with clients in evaluating methods for minimizing global duties for its Mexico operations.

Freight and Logistics Coordination

TACNA’s import/export department coordinates with client selected freight carriers to schedule freight movements as required by the client. On both sides of the border we monitor freight from pickup to delivery, providing in route visibility and status to clients. We typically screen carriers that utilize robust security measures and maintain compliance with trusted traveler programs such as CTPAT.

Asset and Inventory Tracking

TACNA utilizes specialized software for tracking inventory and fixed asset import/export activity for compliance with Mexican customs requirements. Raw material, inventory and equipment under the IMMEX program is imported into Mexico on a temporary basis and not subject to VAT or duties in most cases. Because of the temporary nature of these imports, Mexican customs requires IMMEX companies to report inventory balances regularly. Reported inventory balances are monitored by Mexican regulators for accuracy. Discrepancies can result in an on site audits by Mexican customs. For this reason it is essential that bills of material and inventories are maintained accurately. Engineers in TACNA’s compliance department monitor the accuracy of bills of material and inventory.

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