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Beyond the savings of operating with lower labor costs in Mexico, TACNA helps its clients save substantial costs through the combination of its U.S. cross-docking and logistics process. Our cross dock allows clients to receive goods for import to Mexico, consolidate with Mexican broker inspection on-site, avoiding significant costs associated with performing these processes in an outside warehouse. Our cross dock is included as part of our shelter services.

Cross Dock Warehouse

US Cross-Docking

TACNA provides its clients access to its U.S. cross-docking facility for southbound consolidation of packages and northbound freight forwarding of finished goods. Clients ship raw materials or equipment to TACNA’s warehouse by full trailer, LTL, or parcel. Clients can determine the frequency of consolidation to Mexico, controlling the timing of exports through TACNA’s warehouse portal. Whether shipping multiple loads daily or only once per week our service saves clients in storage, handling, freight forwarding and brokerage fees.
TACNA Mexico Cross Dock

On Site Mexican Broker Inspection

TACNA has a Mexican broker on site in its warehouse that compares the physical goods to what is declared on the Mexican import invoice. This inspection ensures accuracy of description, HTS code, quantity and country of origin of goods before freight is dispatched to Mexico. The presence of the Mexican broker on site saves time and provides an added level of assurance that the products crossing the international border are properly declared, avoiding delays and potential fines or penalties. Negotiated brokerage rates, based on volume, allow clients to take advantage of TACNA’s economies of scale.

Consolidated and Volume Negotiated Freight

TACNA seeks to save its clients significant freight costs. One way this is accomplished is by consolidating multiple clients’ freight in the same truck when goods are not time sensitive. This consolidation allows clients to pay half of what they would otherwise. On average, TACNA facilitates 4,000 border crossings each month. In addition to freight consolidation TACNA is able to to secure competitive volume freight rates based on the movements of all clients, resulting in savings to our clients. Clients in all cases are free to choose their suppliers so long as they comply with security best practices and procedures.

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