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US and Canadian based businesses have been moving their manufacturing facilities to Mexico for decades because of the incredible advantages and cost savings.

So you’ve decided to move your company’s manufacturing to Mexico in order to take advantage of the numerous financial benefits. How do you proceed from here?

Well, there are two viable options for moving forward. The first is to go with a standalone operation and figure it all out on your own. The second option is to seek help from a shelter services company, like what we provide at Tacna Services, Inc.

Creating a manufacturing facility in Mexico which imports raw materials duty free and exports the finished goods to a non-Mexican foreign market requires a business to register as an IMMEX facility (also known as a maquiladora). In addition, a company will need to seek out a factory for manufacturing. Then you will need to source, hire, train, and manage the employees along with navigating payroll, logistics, tax requirements, labor laws, obtaining many permits, complying with environmental, health and safety regulations and complying with customs requirements on both sides of the border, all the while dealing with a language barrier and cultural barrier (assuming you and your team are not fluent in Spanish and conversant with Mexican cultural norms).

Although it is worth it, moving your manufacturing to Mexico can be overwhelming for most businesses, particularly, if going it alone. The hurdles of tackling this endeavor by oneself is too much for many businesses to endure on their own. Mexico is regulatorily complex.

Inexperience in trying to start up a Mexico manufacturing operation by oneself, not only makes the transition difficult, but it also slows down the process. A very large company may have the resources to hire expensive attorneys, accountants and other professionals directly to learn on their own the ins and outs of doing business in Mexico. However, for most companies, increasingly including larger ones seeking manufacturing in Mexico, there needed to be a better option.

Thus, shelter services companies became a necessity for many of these US, Canadian and other globally based businesses to help bridge the gap.

Shelter services help to make the process of manufacturing goods in Mexico much easier for foreign companies. Shelter services already have multiple  IMMEX permits in place and the foreign companies, using shelter services companies, can enter Mexico and begin manufacturing production of goods as a division of the shelter service with a much reduced timeline and cost..

We have the experience and knowledge needed to get you up and running quickly and save you from the headaches that you would otherwise have to deal with. We can help with a variety of processes and complexities that you would otherwise need to take on by yourself – or we can handle nearly everything!

There are various types of shelter companies out there. Some are more flexible than others. It is important to know how a shelter services company will benefit your business.

Here are a list of advantages you can expect from working with TACNA Services, Inc, Shelter Services for Manufacturers in Mexico:

– Manufacturing and entering Mexico under our IMMEX permit
– Experience helping hundreds of companies manufacture goods in Mexico
– Manufacturing can be up and running in as little as 12 weeks
– Assistance before, during, and after transition to Mexico
– We operate in all major cities of Baja, California Mexico
– We save you money

We create a “shelter” for the companies we work with to insulate them from direct legal and regulatory issues and complexities, so that you can focus on the operations within the four walls of your factory. We minimize your liability and risk in this undertaking. You will not need to learn spanish or have a detailed understanding of Mexico’s laws in order to take advantage of the lower costs of manufacturing in Mexico.

You can focus on your core operations under the shelter model. Do what you do Best! We manage the Rest!

When you enlist TACNA Services, Inc, Shelter Services for Manufacturers in Mexico to help you begin your Mexico manufacturing, we remove our clients’ roadblocks and get their maquiladoras operating very quickly.

You focus on moving your equipment and technical expertise and manufacturing processes, and we will handle the rest.

If you are looking for help from a shelter services company, TACNA Shelter Services in Mexico is the partner you need. Contact us at 619.661.1261 or and let us show you how easy it is to establish a maquiladora in Mexico with our shelter services.


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